Candace and I are absolutely delighted that you have chosen to visit our Web site! We welcome you, and pray that the Word of God shared from this ministry becomes a source of deliverance, hope and peace for you and your family. It is our mission to provide light in a world of darkness. We purpose to do this through the preaching and teaching of the living, breathing Word of God.

As we gain understanding of the Holy Scripture and apply it to our daily lives, it gives us the ability to succeed. We have committed ourselves to ensuring that your soul is renewed, and your spirit is refreshed and filled with God’s Word.

Candace and I, as well as the entire Hightown church family appreciates the opportunity that you have given us to minister the precious, life changing Word of God that provides the answers to all of life’s questions. We invite you to join us as we worship God and celebrate His Son, and our Savior, Jesus the Christ!