Our mission and purpose is to provide light in a world of darkness; thereby demonstrating the five purposes of the church in such a way that people will exchange ordinary living for extraordinary life through the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We exist to celebrate God through worship, to cultivaterelationships through fellowship, to demonstrate God’s love through ministry, to educate believers through discipleship and to communicate Jesus through evangelism.

IT IS OUR DREAM to provide a contemporary setting where people from all walks of life can gather to find help, hope, peace, comfort, love and salvation through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

IT IS OUR DREAM to build a church based on the five New Testament purposes of discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and evangelism.

IT IS OUR DREAM to be a bright light, saturating our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spreading a passion for God throughout our city, state, nation, and world.

IT IS OUR DREAM to team up with an army of believers who will not be hindered by tradition, stereotypes, change or challenges but will improvise, adapt and overcome to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

IT IS OUR DREAM to target our community and intentionally reach out to the young people, the forgotten and un-churched families of our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

IT IS OUR DREAM to provide a full time Christian School for our young children and teenagers. This school will be operated by the church and will be instrumental in bringing students to a high standard of educational excellence as well as the message of saving grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

IT IS OUR DREAM to provide our community with a faith based recovery program called RECOVERING GRACEFULLY for overcoming addictions such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, pornography, sexual immorality, gambling, depression, over-eating and any other stronghold that would hinder any individual from experiencing true freedom and the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ.

IT IS OUR DREAM of 3,000 members who have committed themselves to faithfulness and loyalty to Christ Jesus and to Hightown Church of God: spending time with God in prayer on a daily basis, giving a weekly tithe to God, and participating, in worship, ministry and small group meetings for God.

IT IS OUR DREAM to have a 3,500 seat sanctuary, along with a school and other facilities on a 65 to 80 acre campus where the church can gather to worship, learn fellowship and prepare for Christian Discipleship every day of the week.