Hightown Academy Center operates under Christian guidelines and principles. All activities are Christian based; teaching simple concepts about God and modeling excellence in our care of children. We are committed:

  • to exemplify the love of Jesus in caring for your children
  • to create a safe, clean environment for every child
  • to help your child interact with other individuals(social skills)
  • to develop phonics and reading skills
  • to develop basic motor skills
  • to develop listening and concentrations skills
  • to encourage the children to explore their world
  • to create a learning environment that will improve their language and conceptual skills
  • to develop each child’s self-image
  • to affirm children in relationship to parents and guardians and
  • to increase parent’s awareness of the child’s needs for approval and love

The choice to work with young children and their families is one of the most important career decisions a person can make. A society that provides for its young children will reap the benefits of their successful development.