IGNITION is a vibrant, non-judgmental, sacred space where young adults can explore what kind of people the Holy Spirit is calling them to be.  It is an environment for young adults as well as college students from ages 18 to 26 to encounter, explore, and enjoy spirituality in day-to-day living. IGNITION will be a community of young adults who will gain new perspectives, focusing on true priorities, and experiencing God’s grace, love, and peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to create a safe and inviting Christian environment that encourages young adults to become deeply committed Christians by helping them to:

REACH – To reach out to the lost, the hurting, and the forgotten with the message of love and real hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

DISCIPLE – To disciple and teach those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior through studying and obeying the Bible which is the holy and inspired Word of God.

EMPOWER – To empower young adult believers with the knowledge of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the discovery of their gifts and talents, and the power of the SPOKEN WORD OF GOD all of which lead to victorious and abundant living.

Who are Young Adults?

Young Adults are those who are between the ages of 18 and 26. Young adults are an incredible diverse population. Some are college and graduate school students, while others have never been – nor plan to go – to college. Some are married, others are single. Some are parents. Some live alone, while others live with friends or family. Young adults are pastors, police officers, youth directors, restaurant managers, teachers, lawyers, nurses, medical doctors, writers, engineers, artists, sales people … and many, many more occupations and vocations. Flexibility and diversity will play major roles in the success of IGNITION.

Where and how do Young Adults fit into God’s Kingdom?

Sometimes the gifts of young adults go unseen or unappreciated because they are perceived as inexperienced, or their ideas are different from what the church has experienced. In these cases, we invite everyone to pray, remember that Jesus called us all to reject rejection (we are all created in God’s image!), have patience, and not be afraid to experiment with something out of our comfort zone to see what the Holy.

Spirit might bring! As a community of faith, we will value the process of learning and growing together into the glory of God!

What will IGNITION do?

Bible studies, evangelism, Fabulous Fridays, rap sessions, retreats, concerts, service projects, conferences, mission projects, fund raisers, fellowships, church networking, off campus activities, college outreach, and college networking.

 What will we discuss in bible studies and rap sessions?

Our gifts and talents, praise & worship, integrity, character building, music, strongholds, stereotypes, unity, relationships, sexuality, how to study the bible, spiritual gifts, leadership development, anger management, knowing the will of God, the Holy Spirit, holy and abundant living, career choices, speaking the Word, the future, and much more.  

For more information, email Claude Lake at ignition@hightown.org.