These are the core ministries here at Hightown and all other ministries flow out of these. There are additional ministries that are not listed on our website. For a complete listing of all of our ministries please refer to you New Members Class Guide. There is a place for everyone to serve!

ACCESS – Evangelism Ministry – The purpose of ACCESS is to teach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to those which are lost. This outreach ministry will act as a bridge to the unsaved wherever they maybe in society. The ultimate goal is to win souls for Christ. Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will go in and out outside our community sharing the message of salvation through Christ Jesus which leads to eternal life. We take Matthew 28:19-20 to be our marching orders from the Lord.

Bereavement Ministry – This is a support group with a mission to assist church members as well as people of the community who have lost a loved one and are having trouble coping with grief. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain. We believe that grief-healing will eventually strengthen and enrich life. Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of each month at 11:a.m. in the Family Life Center (2nd floor).

Caring Ministry – This Ministry was established, by Senior Pastor Sherman Pemberton, to help families and individuals that are in need. In addition to food, this program distributes cleaning supplies, laundry items, personal care items, baby food, drinks and a variety of other items. The goal of this Ministry is to assist those struggling families and individuals’ transition back to a self sustaining life. The Ministry will also offer spiritual guidance, financial counseling and information on various other resources.

Ignition – Young Adult Ministry – We are a vibrant, non-judgmental, sacred space where young adults can explore what kind of people the Holy Spirit is calling them to be. It is an environment for young adults from ages 18 to 30 to encounter, explore, and enjoy spirituality in their day-to-day living. We are a community of young people who are gaining new perspectives, focusing on true priorities, and experiencing God’s grace, love, and peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage young adults to become deeply committed Christians.

Marriage Matters – The goal of our ministry is to transform every married couple into a model marriage for the Lord. Because marriage is the foundation of a nation, marriage and family have come under severe attack by the enemy, Satan. We hope to fulfill our mission and vision through the following: home group meetings, marriage mentoring, and couple care counseling. We understand that marriage can work, but only God’s way.

The Mighty Men of Valor – The Mighty Men of Valor is committed to “raising a generation of Christ-like men who will impact the home, the church, the community and the world.” We value growing in our relationship with God and one another, giving to our families, churches, and communities, going to the world with the gospel message, and Guiding those around us as we follow Christ’s example and leadership. By growing in these areas, we trust that God will transform the men of our church into the vessels He will use to transform the world. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another – (Proverbs 27:17).

Music Ministry – Our purpose is to proclaim the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” through music and songs, and to offer worship and praise to God while ministering to the body of Christ. We understand that it is not talent that destroys the yokes in the lives of men and women, but the anointing of the “Holy Ghost.” Therefore, we are determined to pursue after God in such a way that our lives are a reflection of His glory, and the witness of His Spirit would be apparent in the music ministry here at Hightown. Our important goal is to exalt the name of Jesus in the Spirit of Service, Excellence and Humility.

Recovering Gracefully – The purpose of this outreach ministry is to inform everyone who is trapped by strongholds, that God through the blood of Jesus Christ is able to set anyone free and keep them free. We believe that He that the Son has set free is free indeed. It is our desire to teach the human race that they no longer have to be enslaved by drugs, alcohol, nicotine, overeating, pornography, gambling, or anything else that would keep them from having the abundant life that the Lord has promised. We believe in miracles, and the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to change the lives of people who are willing to be changed.

Senior’s Missions – At Hightown our Senior Citizens are an integral part of our ministry! Our Seniors Mission Ministry is on fire for Jesus Christ, dynamic, exciting, and full of life! Our Senior Citizen Ministry for those 55 years old +, is a vibrant and thriving ministry. We are full of life, zeal and an unquenchable love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Senior Citizens are an integral part of our church community. We are on fire for Jesus Christ, dynamic, exciting and full of life. It is with the joy of the Lord and hearts full of love that we serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ! We are seniors and we’re loving every minute of it.

Street Reach – Our goal is clear and concise and that is to take the love of Jesus Christ out of the box and to the streets. Our aim is to introduce the grace of God to those who are suffering from violence , identity crises, child neglect and abuse, poverty, abandonment, homosexuality, gender identification issues, depression, HIV/AIDS, low-self esteem, self-hate, substance abuse, etc. We strive to be the bridge of hope that will restore the hope of those who are lost, hurting, and forgotten in our community. We believe that everyone can be reached no matter what street they may happen to be on.

The Intercessors – Our Intercessory Prayer Team does not believe that prayer is “A” ministry of the church, but “THE” ministry of the church. Knowing that prayerlessness is our declaration of independence from God, we seek to make prayer a vital part of every ministry. Our goal is not simply to be a church with a prayer ministry – but a praying church. Our intercessors stand in the gap for the needs of our church, our community, our nation, and our world. We believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that prayer changes things.

Women of Faith – Our Women’s ministry exists for the purpose of equipping women to grow in their knowledge of God, understanding of the Scripture, and relationship with Christ. It is also our desire to enable women to apply the Word of God to their lives with particular emphasis on our unique roles as women. We also seek to encourage women in the body of Christ and in the community to love and serve with excellence, and to provide opportunities for women to reach out into the community to share the love of Christ. Please provide suggestions.

XCEL Youth Ministries – We are committed to our children and teenagers between the ages of two and eighteen to come to know the Lord, and walk with God and desiring to serve Him with their gifts and talents. We seek to reach our young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to relate to them through fellowship opportunities, and to raise their awareness of the benefits of a Christian lifestyle. It is our desire to love our children to life, with the love of Jesus Christ.